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The Bicycle Blender

Just Soap is a hand-crafted, all natural soap - blended by bicycle! Why the bicycle? Traditional soap making demands hours of stirring! So founder Frederick Breeden - a biking enthusiast and environmentalist - had plenty of time to dream up a more efficient and eco-friendly method of mixing the soap. He shared his vision with a bicycle builder, and the result is a one-of-a-kind bicycle-powered soap blender.

The Soap Cutter

Here's how it works: The bicycle drives a belt that turns a blade in a large stainless steel vat, where we stir together the purest ingredients - saponified olive, coconut and palm oils, essential oils, and organic herbs and spices. Once the ingredients start to thicken, the magic of soap making has begun, and we pour the mixture into wooden frames to set. A few days later, we cut the bars with a wooden press, and cure them for over two months to ensure a long-lasting bar. Our unique bicycle blender allows us to make larger batches of handmade soap. That means we can keep our prices lower, and you can choose Just Soap as your everyday natural soap.