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Just Soap is :

           Good for you...      and good for the Earth

                  · All-natural      · Biodegradable
 · Mild and moisturizing      · Cruelty-free
· Affordable for everyday use     · Minimally packaged


Old-fashioned, Gentle Soap

Just soaps are crafted using the traditional cold batch process. This method preserves the nutritive benefits of the oils and retains the natural glycerin commonly removed from commercial soaps, creating a rich, gentle lather. No synthetic perfumes or chemical hardeners - just the purest vegetable oils, essential oils, and organic herbs and spices, blended together to create a mild and moisturizing bar.

…And shampoo bars! A Simple Alternative.

We've gone back to an old concept and crafted a richly lathering bar shampoo. Like our soaps the shampoo bars have no perfumes, chemicals, dyes or preservatives. We've created a special blend adding almond, jojoba and castor oil to produce a gentle moisturizing shampoo for your hair. There are no plastic containers, just a simple paper package, so they're better for the earth. And they do just what you need - they leave your hair feeling healthy and clean.

Longer Lasting Bars

All of these bars contain natural glycerin and are not made with chemical hardeners. We cure the bars for a minimum of two months in our shop to produce a harder and longer lasting bar. To make your soaps last longer, please allow the bars to remain dry between uses. A well draining soap dish and alternating bars work the best. Before use, the soaps will store best in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

Sustainable Palm Oil Producion

The source of our Organic Palm oil is a company called Agropalma Brazil. In a recent report on sustainable Palm Oil production, Greenpeace rated Agropalma Brazil as the #1 most sustainable supplier in the world and highlighted its work as "a blueprint for the rest of the palm oil industry to move towards responsible production." The concern over Palm Oil production that Greenpeace is highlighting is in Indonesin and involves deforestation and orangutans' habitat destruction. We only source our Organic Palm Oil from Agropalma in Brazil, as noted above.

Here are links to some reports and articles on sustainable Palm Oil production.  
Foodnavigator Article
Greenpeace Report
Agropalma Brazil Overview

Additional General Information

Just Soap products are all natural. Slight variations in color and scent are normal.

Though these bars are all natural, certain essential oils may be irritating to some people. Please discontinue use if you experience irritation. As with all soaps, please avoid contact with eyes.

Just Soap products are never tested on animals.