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** Comments from Just Soap Customers **

Just got back from vacation and found a box of your “Just Soap.”
------------------ Wow!
Like most people, my wife and I have received various “boutique” soaps as gifts from time to time. All that we have received up until now have been so perfumed that they make me gag—and my wife is even more sensitive to them.

Your soap has a look, feel, AND smell that are amazing. Seriously, I can’t believe I am raving about soap, but it is truly the best I’ve ever seen. I’m really almost hesitant to use it because it’s so nice. Thank you! – CS in CO

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how incredibly pleased I am with my recent soap order. I FREAKING LOVE YOUR SOAP! I have tried so many soaps. At every gift shop, farmers market, and online establishment I can find, I buy soap, searching for that perfect blend of scent, lather, and consistency. YOU'VE GOT IT ALL!!!!! The price, that fact that there's no wasteful packaging... you have a customer for life! So, keep pedaling. – KF in MA

Just wanted to drop you a line to say how much we love your company. I found your shampoo bars in our local coop a couple of months ago. I've been making an effort to move away from single use plastics …; most were unsuccessful until I found your shampoo bars! Their lather is superb, the size is perfect, it lasts a long time, the rosemary scent is just perfect; nothing overly powerful or artificial. And, your prices are incredibly affordable for such a quality, natural produc ….I’m so jazzed that you guys make your soaps bicycle powered. Kudos! – KL

“I’ve tried tons of soaps and yours are the best soaps I’ve ever tried. They’re excellent!” – Lisa in CT

You guys are AWESOME!!! LOVE the products! – DC White Haven PA

I love these shampoo bars! I bought a couple in Freeport, Maine last summer and now I’m hooked. Thanks for all that you do to give us such a great product. – DB in NY

Your shampoo bar is the best shampoo I've ever used on my hair. My hair has never looked better or been more healthy. I love your soap! – MM in MD

I LOVE your soap! It is the only soap I have ever used that does not make me break out! The unscented bars are also wonderful because I'm allergic to perfumes. I bought a box of 6 in 2014 and I just now ran out. – SD in AL

Love these soaps, have been ordering them for years even now that I'm not in New England. Can't bathe without em! Thanks for making a great product! –AM in DC

Thanks for making such awesome soap!! –MS in MA

I've told you this before, but your soaps are the best! I love them. –JH, CA

I will be buying your soap probably till i die. Yes i do love it that much… Its GREAT! –VB, NY

Absolutely LOVE your soap.. I use it for everything, face,body,hair. The clove smell is amazing and my hair looks great. Keep living your passion..the product shows it! –CK, PA

I love these shampoo bars! I bought a couple in Freeport, Maine last summer and now I’m hooked. – BR Maine

Thanks so much for making these great natural, shampoo bars! – RF New Brunswick, Canada

Your soaps are wonderful!! And they last and last and last. – JK Morton IL

I love your soap! I have multiple chemical sensitivities and your soap works great for my whole family! Thank you for making such a great product. You are a blessing! – DB Lancaster NY

I love this soap! I will never use bottled shampoo again! – SC in VT

“Your soap changed my life!” – David, Greenfield MA

“It was my first girly experience!” – DC, Buckland, MA

"Thanks to you for making such amazing soap!" – JH, Los Angles CA

Love Love Love this soap! – CN, FL

Subject "Terrific!" :
Hi Just Soap folks, Picked up a bar of your "Just Soap" shampoo bar for oily hair and so far I LOVE it! Its early to make a full prediction but I just started the whole "no poo" regimen for my hair and have really enjoyed the results, but I felt baking soda was a bit harsh, so I wanted a no chemical, no stripping but cleansing, gentle shampoo. Your bar completely fit the bill! And I was more than a little skeptic as I have very, very oily hair and the idea of using oils on oily hair was a bit mystifying, but whatever your secret it worked! My hair doesn't look oily (and I only wash 2 a week) and its so soft and has bounce and life. I'm truly impressed and loving your shampoo. I'm hoping it continues! Thanks so much for a great, clean product. A new and big fan.
– CW Western Mass

We are very pleased with your products! We have never had any issues! My husband absolutely loves your shampoo. He tells everyone about it! He even tells all his regular stores about it, so that they get it for others to have! Thank you for your awesome products! – SC, WI